Nuru Guru

Minority Ownership Status:

At least 51% woman-owned

I am a producer/manufacturer, I am a distributor

Types of Masks

100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Cotton/Poly Blend, Disposable, Has a nose stay to adjust fit, Pouch incorporated in design, Reusable-washable

Additional Products

Earplugs, Face Shields, Gowns, Helmets, Respirators

About the Company

Company Address

515 North Main street, Boston, MA

Company Website

Company Phone Number


Company Email Address

Order Information

How can buyers place orders

Website, Online Marketplace (Etsy, etc.), Email, Phone

Minimum Quantity


Maximum Quantity


Average Price per Unit


Payment Options

Credit or Debit Card, Online Platform (e.g. Paypal, Venmo, etc.)

Delivery Options

Free Local Delivery Available, Free Shipping Available

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